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Mosquitos can bring any outdoor gathering, celebration, or your kids’ play time to a grinding halt. Not only that, mosquitos can carry dangerous diseases like the Zika Virus and wreck havoc on your skin with irritating bites.

Our Mosquito Armor Program:

We’ll spray a barrier around your home to target the affected areas. Each application will last up to weeks, keeping your yard protected between applications. Aag Lawnman will do multiple applications of Mosquito Armor® a year, depending on your level of mosquito infestation.

Fleas and Ticks

Beyond being just a nuisance, fleas and ticks carry a host of diseases that can affect people and pets alike. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis are some of the most common diseases transferred through tick bites.

Our Flea and Tick Control Program:

Save your family and your pets from mosquitos, fleas and ticks!

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